Super Stud Rolls Out New Line of Deflection Clips

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, April 30, 2015 – Based on industry demand for larger, stronger, and easier to install deflection clips, Super Stud Building Products, Inc. (Super Stud) has introduced a new line of bypass deflection clips, designed to use standard #12 screws for attachment to exterior wall studs. “These clips allow framers to use the screws they already have in their pouch, rather than having to use special shouldered screws,” according to Don Allen, Super Stud’s Director of Engineering. “The patented Glide Plate™ provides an even bearing surface, allowing a perfect connection every time.”

The new clips, called SSDB and SSTB for Super Stud Double and Triple Bypass, have three equally spaced slots that are 3-1/2 inches tall. These slots allow a full 3 inches of total movement, without adding any axial load to the studs. All clips and Glide Plates™ are made with 12 gauge, 50 ksi yield strength steel. All parts will come standard with a G90 galvanized coating for added corrosion protection. Stiffeners along the top and bottom of the clip provide additional strength and stiffness. And the Glide Plate™ allows the connection to maintain close to maximum strength, even when one or more of the screws are stripped out. “We have done extensive testing for months to come up with a high-capacity clip for some of the higher loads and longer spans we are seeing on exterior framing,” said Ray Frobosilo, president and founder of Super Stud. “Based on initial feedback from contractors, we have a winner with this line of clips.”

The SSB clips come in lengths of 3-5/8 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch. All have three slots, except for the 3-5/8 inch which has two. The SSTB clips are the first in a series of Super Stud products that will use Glide Plate™ technology. Next will be a 16 inch long stiffened strut, with three slots each end. Other products will include head-of-wall clips and top track clips for both interior and exterior applications. For additional information on the clips, packaging, and availability, call 732-662-6200, or go to


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