Architectural Specifications

All links below are to editable Microsoft Word® documents, ready for insertion directly into contract documents. Although Super Stud products are the basis of design, these are NOT closed specifications, and include other manufacturers of similar products.

Division 5: Structural Metal Framing(Specification section 05 40 00)
Super Stud is your full service source for structural cold-formed steel (CFS) products and accessories, including studs, tracks, clip angles, connectors, bridging, slip connectors, and other accessories.
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Division 9: Nonstructural Metal Framing(Specification section 09 22 16)
Nonstructural products include The EDGE™ interior studs, shaft wall studs, ceiling joists and tracks, clips, connectors, and a full line of both steel and vinyl accessories for gypsum construction. Using Super Stud specifications will ensure quality products and accessories for your structure: with true Galvanized metallic coating for corrosion protection (no “EQ” coatings), and 3rd party code compliance certification through Home Innovation Research Labs, Inc.
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Safety Specification for Division 9 (section 09 22 16)
For an added level of safety, Super Stud provides The EDGE™ products, where over 90% of sharp edges on framing members are covered or hemmed for added strength and safety. The specification below has added verbiage (section 2.2.A.2 for members and section 3.4.A for installation) requiring a safety edge on thinner framing members.
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3rd Party Certifications


Home Innovation Research Labs, Inc., formerly the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center, has been evaluating and certifying building products for over 25 years.  Their staff has been instrumental in the development of code-referenced standards for cold-formed steel (CFS), and their expertise is recognized across the North American construction industry.  Home Innovation’s certification provides confidence that certified products meet the requirements of the 2012 International Building Code (IBC). These requirements include material properties, dimensional tolerances, and labeling as detailed in various AISI and ASTM standards including ASTM C645, ASTM A653, ASTM C955, ASTM A1003, and AISI S200.  Periodic inspections at our manufacturing locations by Home Innovation and testing at Home Innovation’s laboratory in Maryland verifies the product compliance.  To maintain our Home Innovation certification, Super Stud is required to maintain a documented quality management system within strict guidelines, which is checked at each inspection.  To see the current listing of certified facilities on the Home Innovation website, click here.

Click here for our latest certification for our New Jersey manufacturing facility
Click here for our latest certification for our Mississippi manufacturing facility

BuildSteel Feature

Building a Steel Home for a Hero: Super Stud Framing Inc. donated cold-formed steel framing building materials to build a home for Sergeant Luis Remanche, who was injured in Afghanistan