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Patent number US D723,714S



f-track-cross-sectionSuper Stud F-Track is an economical option for horizontal corners such as soffits, drop-ceilings, box-outs, and other drywall features that require a smooth, straight, corner intersection at 90 degrees. The single-piece F configuration allows for both horizontal and vertical framing attachment: without having to build up double tracks or track and angle members. The double thickness in the vertical inner flange provides rigidity and strength, which helps with both installation and long-term system stability and resiliency. The hemmed edges on the inner and outer flanges give added strength and safety, and complement our line of EDGE™ stud and track framing products. And, like all Super Stud steel products, F-Track is Made in the USA, with zinc-coated steel: minimum 25% recycled content, and 100% recyclable.

Other applications:

  • Floor holes and edge of slab:
  • Top of wall or soffit at the edge of beam
  • Box-out around plumbing
  • Decorative soffits and ceiling drops


Super Stud’s T-Track has a four-flange configuration that permits framing attachment from three directions. T-Track can be used in either vertical or horizontal applications. Oriented vertically at interior wall T intersections, T-Track provides a backer surface for attachment of single-layer gypsum board, without having to add blocking. This single application can eliminate up to three studs, and simultaneously reduce cracking and increase stiffness at the wall intersection. In horizontal applications at the top of a wall that terminates below parallel trusses, T-Track provides a top backer surface for ceiling attachment, eliminating the number of katz blocks to adjacent trusses.

Other applications:

  • Ceiling support from both sides
  • For gypsum over block, edge support at intersecting walls

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