Submittal Builder

Instructions: to download submittal sheets on any of our products, click on the + symbol to expand the category or use the search box to find a specific file. Type any portion of a Super Stud or AISI product name, and then click on the product(s) in the drop-down below the box. This will automatically add the selected products to the list.  When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Download as PDF” or Download as ZIP” to retrieve your files.  Can’t find a specific product?  Call 800-477-7883, or email

Please wait while submittal documents are loading.

Once they have loaded, you will see a “Product Search” box below, where you can type in the product name in either AISI format (600S162-43) or Super Stud format (6SSJ18). Just start typing in the box and select from the list that appears, or select from one of the six categories below.