Super Stud Building Products 143 Newark Ave Cold-Formed Steel
Cold-formed steel framing taking shape at 143 Newark Ave., Photo: John Foote
Perspective View of 143 Newark Ave., Credit: Scott Mahaffey Architect

Super Stud Building Products recently visited 143 Newark Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey, which is taking shape along Jersey City's Pedestrian Plaza.

The project, designed by Scott Mahaffey Architect and currently under construction, adds a seven-story addition to a through-block, four-story historic structure. The design of the addition’s street elevation referenced the historic facade’s use of a “tectonic” or structural frame expression; mid- (19th) century modern meets mid- (20th) century modern.

Project Spotlight

143 Newark Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey
Architect: Scott Mahaffey Architect
Contractor: Santomauro General Contracting 
Cold-Formed Steel Framing Manufacturer: Super Stud Building Products
CFS Specialty Engineer: Super Stud Building Products

Cold-formed steel framing taking shape at 143 Newark Ave., Photo: John Foote

Super Stud is proud to be a part of this important project in Jersey City, supporting the mission of our architect and contracting partners with cold-formed metal framing products and engineering services. Super Stud was the specialty engineer for the entire project and supplied nearly all the cold-formed steel material. 

Since 1973, Super Stud Building Products has been the NYC metro area’s premier manufacturer of steel-framing members and accessories, providing high-touch customer service, quality products and timely deliveries. Super Stud has meet aggressive deadlines and expectations of owners, architects, engineers, and contractors across the nation.

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