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SuperJoist and SuperMAXX Joist Details

PDF and DWG File Downloads:

Joist Bearing on CMU Wall  DWG  PDF 

Joist Bearing on Steel Interior Support  DWG  PDF 

Joist Blocking - Bottom Strapping Only  DWG  PDF 

Joist Blocking - With Top and Bottom Strapping  DWG  PDF 

Joist Bridging - Blocking Every Other Space  DWG  PDF 

Joist Detail in Wall Pocket  DWG  PDF 

Joist End Support on Stud Wall  DWG  PDF 

Joist Hanger Boxed Header  DWG  PDF 

Joist Hanger on WF Beam  DWG  PDF 

Joist Hanger SHJCT on Header  DWG  PDF 

Joist Interior Support on Stud Wall  DWG  PDF 

Joist on Ledger Angle DWG  PDF 

Solid Blocking Option - Between Every Joist  DWG  PDF