Download Submittal for Furring Channel Clips

Super Stud metal furring channel clips are designed to support 7/8” drywall furring channels up to 33 mils to standard 1-1/2” x 54 mil (16 gauge) cold-rolled channel. These are typically installed with the cold-rolled channel (CRC) supported
to the structure above using wire or pencil-rods or straps, then the furring channel clips are used to support hat (furring) channels. Although spacing varies for various loading conditions and configurations, for typical ceilings the CRC is spaced
at no more than 48” on center (o.c.), and the furring channels are spaced at 16” o.c. Both the hat channel and the CRC snap easily into the clips, making this a faster and simpler installation that the wire-tying method. Clips can be installed
in either direction but should alternate direction along the length of the CRC to prevent rotation. These clips facilitate fast installation of drop ceilings and large soffits.

Furring channel clips have an allowable working load of 50 pounds, with an ultimate load of 200 pounds. This is for the clip connection itself and does not consider span capacity of the furring channel or CRC, or the pullout strength of screws in the furring channel.

Product Data and Ordering Information:
Material: 0.134” bare steel thickness galvanized wire
Coating: Zinc: hot-dip galvanized
Packaging: 500 pieces per box

ASTM and Code Standards:
Codes and Standards: ASTM C754

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