The FroMar™ Steel Panel System is an innovative patented product, using galvanized sheet steel combined with a patented design to achieve unprecedented structural strength in a 33 mil panel. Testing has shown the galvanized finish will last in excess of 150 years. The system is mold, mildew, termite and fire resistant. Each wall section can be produced to accommodate the designer’s residential or commercial plans, and any number of standard or custom exterior finishes can be applied to it such as brick, vinyl, stucco and various cementitious siding systems.

FroMar™ is also an excellent solution for commercial spandrel panel design conditions where structural integrity combined with lightweight and speed of construction are key design considerations. This application is becoming more relevant with the implementation of the new model energy codes that state the application of high-density thermal barriers to the exterior of a building must require a lightweight structural backing. This application of FRO MAR™ is also drawing more attention and interest from the architectural community. It represents significant advantages for the design professional in dealing with this design challenge.

FroMar™ recently obtained the difficult Miami-Dade NOA certification for Category Five construction, meaning that to-date, it is the only panel system certified to withstand 150-mph sustained wind loading and the vaunted missile impact test, without the need for any exterior sheathing. FRO MAR™ is truly a landmark product in our industry’s efforts to deliver an affordable, sustainable and certifiably safe residential steel solution for 21st Century needs.

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