Download Submittal for Aluminum Breakaway Clips

 Aluminum breakaway clips are used on both sides of area separation walls, for support by the adjacent structure. Clips are designed so that when a fire occurs, the clips on the fire side of the wall will melt, allowing the burned structure to fall away without dragging down the protective area separation wall. This maintains protection of the adjacent building, no matter which side of the wall is exposed to the fire.

Super Stud aluminum breakaway clips are the most common configuration for Area Separation Wall assemblies. Clips are 0.050” thick and are fabricated out of construction-grade aluminum sheets with pre-drilled holes in both flanges.

Holes are 5/32” diameter (0.156” or 4 mm) and placed as shown.

Product Data:
Product Category: Nonstructural Area Separation Walls (typically specification section 09 22 16)
Yield Strength: 21 KSI Tensile Strength: 22 KSI
Material: Aluminum 3003-H14
Temperature Range: Heat Softenable at 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit
Hole Size: 5/32” (4 mm)
Thickness: 0.050” (min) 0.052” (design)

 ASTM and Code Standards:
International Building Code (IBC) 2006 - 2018
Sheet Aluminum: Aluminum Association (AA) 3003-H14
UNS A93003, ISO AlMn1Cu
Members and Tolerances: ASTM C645
Meets ASTM C1007 when installed properly in structure