F-Track 20EQ Interior Framing Product for Corners & Tight Spaces

Super Stud F-Track is an economical option for horizontal corners such as soffits, drop-ceilings, box-outs, and other drywall features that require a smooth, straight, corner intersection at 90 degrees. The single-piece F configuration allows for both horizontal and vertical framing attachment: without having to build up double tracks or track and angle members. The double thickness in both of the large hems and the vertical inner flange provides rigidity and strength, which helps with both installation and long-term system stability and resiliency. The hemmed edges on the inner and outer flanges give added strength and safety, and complement our line of the EDGE™ stud and track framing products.

And, like all Super Stud steel products, F-Track is Made in the USA, with zinc-coated steel: minimum 25% recycled content, and 100% recyclable.

F-Track Technical Dimensions

F-Track Underside View