energex®Exterior Wall Systems have been applied to more than 100 million square feet of structures since 1978. energex® is an exceptional exterior insulation and finishing system. The energex® System is comprised of four major components which provide permanent insulation, shape and textures that form a unique exterior wall.

energex®is available in an unlimited range of colors and textures, and is formulated to resist cracks, stains and fading. Finishes range from silicon-based, to metallic and traditional, to stone. energex® remains committed to supplying superior and advanced products to the industry. The system meets the Uniform Building Code and has completed rigorous testing programs consisting of flame and water resistance, freeze/thaw, impact resistance, water vapor transmission and wind load capacities. For both residential and commercial exteriors, energex® Exterior Wall Systems is the product of choice.

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energex® on the Steinway Building in New York
energex® was used on the exterior of the the Steinway Building in New York