The Super Stud Double Bypass and Triple Bypass clips are used to support exterior wall studs that extend past a roof or floor. The short leg is connected to the edge of the slab or perimeter beam, and standard #12 screws inserted through the patented Glide Plate™ hold the slotted leg of the clip to the exterior wall stud. This allows for up to 3″ of total vertical movement of the floor or roof without any additional axial load on the stud.

Product Attributes

  • Glide Plate™ allows the use of ANY #12 hex-head or pan-head screw: no special “shouldered” screws required.
  • Heavy-duty construction with thicker steel provides some of the best capacities in the industry for bypass slide clips.
  • No need for the installer to “back off” screws to prevent clamping action: Glide Plate™ allows for screws to be driven fully, saving time and labor.
  • Reversible – doesn’t matter which way the stud is turned.
  • Strength and durability: Both Glide Plate™ and clip are made with prime 12 gauge G90 galvanized ASTM A653 steel, with a minimum 50 ksi yield.
  • 3½” tall slots – the tallest in the industry – allow a full 3″ of free movement.
  • Glide Plate™ provides a full ½” of bearing along each slot. The Glide Plate™ locks screws together to work as a unit distributing the load and reducing the likelihood of individual screw shear. Even if one or more screws are stripped, the Glide Plate™ allows the clip to perform almost as if no screws were stripped.
  • All holes are pre-punched, and clip is pre-assembled with Glide Plate™ taped to center position of slot.
  • Embossed guide marks on Glide Plate™ allow for perfect alignment at the top, middle, or bottom of slot.

Suggested Detail for Installation

Clip Detail

Clip Measurements

Allowable Design Loads

Allowable Loads for Deflection Clips

Double & Triple Bypass Clips covered by US patent 6213679