Download Submittal for Z-Furring Channel

Z Furring facilitates the attachment of gypsum drywall to concrete or masonry walls. The depth of the furring varies to allow for the installation of insulation between the furring.

Product Data and Ordering Information:
Design Steel Thickness
The structural properties and load tables were prepared using the following design steel thicknesses:
25 gauge: 18 mils; 0.0179 inch
20 gauge: 33 mils, 0.0346 inch
18 gauge: 43 mils, 0.0451 inch
16 gauge: 54 mils, 0.0566 inch
14 gauge: 68 mils, 0.0713 inch
12 gauge: 97 mils, 0.1017 inch

NOTE: In conformance with the AISI Specifications, the actual delivered base metal thickness must not be less than 95 percent of the design thickness.

Standard Profiles:
Super Stud offers Z-Furring in web depths of 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", and 3" as well as custom depths.

Super Stud offers Z-Furring leg lengths in standard lengths, as well as custom lengths.

Please specify dimensions when ordering. Gauges 25 through 10 available upon request. 10’ standard length.

Please note that all Z-furring will be manufactured in the shape as shown below. Dimensions of web depth and leg length will be verified upon ordering.

ASTM and Code Standards:
Super Stud structural framing components are zinc coated (galvanized) in accordance with ASTM A653 and ASTM A1003. 25 and 20 gages are coated with ASTM A1003 G40 galvanization; 18 gage and greater are coated with ASTM A1003 conforming G60 galvanization. Super Stud can also fulfill requests for G-90 coatings which provide 50 percent more zinc protection.

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