gripSTIK® MAX-Flex® 3/4” Bullnose Splay unique design allows for maximum flexibility allowing it to conform to almost any radius creating a smooth, rounded look to drywall corners. This easy-to-install 90° angle corner support can be nailed, stapled or applied with spray adhesive. The specially knurled and perforated flanges allow excellent joint compound adhesion. No mud additives or priming are needed prior to painting. Phillips bead is dent resistant, won’t rust and easy to cut with shears, knife or fine-tooth hacksaw.

Product Data and Ordering Information:
Material: Extruded rigid vinyl; contains no asbestos
Dimensions: 7/8” leg x 7/8” leg, 3/4" radius
Part Number: BA3VYL
Length: 10'

Special Notes:
LEED Credits for Recycled Content
MR2 – The steel and vinyl used in Phillips Manufacturing products is 100% recyclable.
MR4 – Phillips Manufacturing steel and vinyl products have a minimum of:
Total recycled content: 30%
Post-consumer recycled content: 25%
Pre-consumer recycled content: 5%

ASTM and Code Standards:
Phillips gripSTIK® MAX-Flex® 3/4" Bullnose Archway meets or exceeds:
• ASTM C 1047 Standard Specification for Accessories for GypsumWallboard
• ASTM D 1784 Standard Specification for Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Compounds and Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) CPVC) Compounds
• ASTM D 3678 Standard Specification for Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC)

SDS and other technical information available at

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