Curtainwall framing is designed to extend out from a building through connection clips and/or welded connections. While curtainwall studs do not typically carry vertical loads from the structure itself, they are considered load-bearing as they must be engineered to carry the load of the exterior finish of a structure combined with whatever wind load specified by the designer or that pertains to a given region.

Super Stud manufactures a complete line of curtainwall framing products that adhere to the same ASTM compliance standards as our other structural framing products. We provide a separate catalog for these applications to facilitate easier use by design professionals.

The Header, Jamb, and Cripple Clip (HJC)

  • Universal Clip for Jamb Attachment, Header Stiffening/Support, and Cripple Stud Attachment
  • Slotted to Accommodate Header Return Stiffening Lips
  • “Center Rib” for Increased Strength
  • 1” Legs allow “Throat” or alternate “Back to Back” Cripple Attachment
  • Utilize Single “Jamb” Stud Profile as Header Framing
  • Flush Profile Installation no Buildup, Cracking or Excess “Floating” Around Openings to Level
  • Eliminate “Box” Header Assemblies and Custom Shaped Profiles
  • No Field Modification to Cut, Grind, Form, and or Buildup of “Tabbed” Ends
  • Eliminate “Cripple Track” and Buildup Above Header Profile
  • No “Pre-Insulation” - Avoid Insulation Exposure and Moisture Retention Issues

Curtain Wall Connection

Curtain Wall

HJC Clip

HJC Clip