Download Submittal for Clip Angles

Clip Angles serve a variety of functions in the construction of a steel framing system. They may be used to make attachments between framing members or to transfer gravity and lateral loads from a stud to the primary frame.

Product Data and Ordering Information:
Super Stud can manufacture clip angles to any dimension. Please call our Customer Service at 732-662-6200 for details.

Design Steel Thickness:
The structural properties and load tables were prepared using the following design steel thicknesses:
20 gauge: 33 mils, 0.0346 inch
18 gauge: 43 mils, 0.0451 inch
16 gauge: 54 mils, 0.0566 inch
14 gauge: 68 mils, 0.0713 inch
12 gauge: 97 mils, 0.1017 inch

ASTM and Code Standards:
Super Stud structural framing components are zinc coated (galvanized) in accordance with ASTM A653
and ASTM A1003. 25 and 20 gauges are coated with ASTM A1003 G40 galvanization; 18 gauge and greater
are coated with ASTM A1003 conforming G60 galvanization. Super Stud can also fulfill requests for G-90
coatings which provide 50 percent more zinc protection.

In conformance with the AISI Specification and AISI-S200-07, the actual delivered base steel thickness,
individual measurement, must not be less than 95 percent of the inch values listed above.

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