Download Submittal for Flat Strap

Flat Strap has a variety of uses that include wall bridging and backer plates to facilitate the installation of handrails and fixtures.

Product Data and Ordering Information:
Flat Strap Steel Thickness: 18 to 118 mil (25 to 10 gauge)
Standard Width: 2”, 4” and 6”
(Custom widths available upon request)
Standard Length: 10 Ft.

ASTM and Code Standards:
Super Stud products comply with the applicable provisions of the following:
International Building Code (IBC) 2006 - 2018
Sheet Steel: ASTM A1003 and ASTM A653
Galvanized Coating: ASTM A653
Nonstructural: ASTM C645, AISI S220
Structural: ASTM C955, AISI S240
Meets ASTM standards C754 (nonstructural) and C1007 (structural) when installed properly in structure.
3rd Party Certification: Manufacturing verified and inspected by Home Innovation Research Labs, Inc.

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