Earlier today, the Gypsum Association issued recommendations on the application of abuse-resistant and impact-resistant gypsum panels on nonstructural steel studs. The recommendations are based partially on a series of field tests sponsored by the gypsum and steel framing industries, and partially on market-based input from Gypsum Association members.

The statement, available here:, recommends that 30 mil studs (like Super Stud DW30 and the EDGE 30 mil) be used with these types of gypsum panel products are installed.  The statement does not rule out the use of abuse-resistant and impact-resistant (AR/IR) gypsum panels on 19 mil studs (like the EDGE Performance 20) and even provides guidance on screw selection with thinner steels.  The statement recommends that when thinner than 33 mil studs are used for framing, either sharp point fine thread or sharp point high-low thread screws should be used for attachment. Furthermore, screw gun speed should not exceed 2500 RPM with AR/IR board types on thinner than 30 mil products.  Note that this echoes the code requirement from ASTM standards C840 and C1002, which requires type S self-piercing screws for materials less than 33 mil (section  

“I am pleased that the Gypsum Association has provided some guidance on this, but disappointed that the recommendation doesn’t mirror the report findings, which show the AR/IR material works fine with studs down to 19 mils thick as long as the right screws are used with the right speed screw gun” said Don Allen, Super Stud’s Director of Engineering. “Our independent tests have verified the Intertek report, and we offer a range of steel thicknesses for framers to use for multiple applications, including abuse resistant and impact resistant gypsum products.”

Foreseeing the issue with thinner steels and high-speed screw application, Super Stud developed an intermediate thickness product almost 10 years ago.  The EDGE Super 20 drywall framing system has a 23 mil design steel thickness and 40 KSI minimum yield strength.  It has been specifically designed and tested for 4000 rpm screw installation with sharp-point screws in higher density sheathing, such as AR/IR products.  

For the full test report, contact the Gypsum Association at www.gypsum.org

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The Gypsum Association is in its 88th year of service as the technical, promotion, and information center of the gypsum industry. Representing gypsum board manufacturing companies located throughout the United States and Canada, the Association is based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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